CLAVIA Nord Modular G2

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665 mm (26.2″), 284 mm (11.2″), 104 mm (4.1″)
• 5.1kg (11.24lbs.)

Hardware synthesizer and PC/Mac editing software working seamlessly together.
• Sound Generation: Modular synthesis ”“ freely configurable sound architecture. Combine Modules into a Patch (sound) in any desired structure, virtually without limitations.
• Sound Hierarchy: A patch is divided into two sections: The Voice area (VA) holds the polyphonic part of the sound. The Effect area (FX) holds the monophonic part of the sound.
• 8 Variations per patch for fast recall of favorite settings.
• Sound Modules: Over 160 Modules organized in 16 categories.
• Audio Quality: True 24 bit processing system with 96 kHz sampling rate.
• Audio Effects: Totally free configuration of effects via the dedicated Effect Area.

• Performances:
• 4 Patches together with information about MIDI settings, layers, splits, etc.
• 4 slots (edit buffers A to D), each one holding one Patch independently.
• Splitting: 4 split points either freely assigned or set to the 4 predefined ones indicated by LEDs along the keyboard.
• Polyphony: Maximum of 32 voices (depending on Patch complexity). S

• Synthesizer A dynamic file system (6 MB) 32 Banks divided into 128 memory locations for Patches.
• 8 Banks divided into 128 locations for Performances.

• Patch Browser enables fast access to Patches stored on the computer hard drive as well as the internal synthesizer file system.
• Bank Upload/Download dialog for quick transfers/backups of complete banks of patches between your computer and synthesizer.
• Small Patch files sizes (an average of 3 kb)

• Concept Morphing makes it easy to control multiple parameters from one source (e.g. modulation wheel, aftertouch) with the possibility to set the range for each parameter individually.

• 120 parameters, either from the synthesizer’s top panel or from the software editor.
• Page Modes: Single Patch mode or Global mode pages control parameters in all 4 slots from the same page.

• User Interface:
– A tab system organizes available Modules.
– Multiple Multi-level Undo/Redo function.
– Fast replace function for modules, replacing keeps track of connections and parameter settings.
– Instant Hint views system displays configurations of MIDI CC#s, Morph programming and assigned parameters.
• Min. Requirements:
– Macintosh – Mac G3, 400 MHz, USB-port, 128 MB RAM, OSX 10.2 (or later)
– Windows – PC Pentium II, 500 MHz, USB-port, 128 MB RAM, Windows 98SE/2000/XP MIDI IMPLEMENTATION
• External: – 16 MIDI channels via MIDI In, Out and Thru. – Note On/Off, Aftertouch, Pitch Bend, Program Change, MIDI CC# (freely assignable to any parameter), SysEx dump and Bank Select.
• MIDI Sync: – G2 locks to any external MIDI clock and song position pointer. – G2 can function as a master clock for external gear.
• Extras: Can produce and process MIDI information on any channel (regardless of the Slot’s main channel) through a set of specially designed MIDI processing Modules. SYNTHESIZER CONTROLLERS G2 and G2X (key models)
• Modulation Wheels: – G2: 1 modulation wheel. – G2X: 3 modulation wheels with extra built in LEDs.
• Pitch Stick: Clavia’s famous, patented high-resolution Pitch Stick.
• Keyboard: – G2: 3 octave synth keyboard with aftertouch. – G2X: 5 octave semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch.
• Octave Shift: 2 buttons extend the range of the built in keyboard.
• Keyboard Hold: Makes every note you play sustain until you press a new key. SYNTHESIZER PANEL G2 and G2X (key models)
• ParameterPages: 5 page buttons and 3 column buttons provide real-time tweaking of up to 120 parameters with 8 rotary encoders visualized by 4 LCDs.
• Patch/Menu: Rotary Dial and 4 Navigation buttons for rapid access to Navigation, Patches and Performances.
• Slot Control: 4 Slot buttons facilitate working with 4 Patches simultaneously.
• Morphing: 8 buttons support fast programming of Morph Groups.
• Variations: Instant recall of 8 Variations per Patch via 8 dedicated buttons.
• Microphone Level: Mic Level trim and meter for adjusting the microphone signal.

• MIDI: In, Out and Thru.
• Audio Inputs: – 4 analog audio inputs, line-level, 24-bit ADCs, 96 kHz sampling rate – 1 XLR mic.input with built in preamp (G2/G2X models only).
• Audio Outputs: – 4 configurable outputs, line-level, 24-bit DACs, 96 kHz sampling rate. – 1 Headphones output.
• Editor Communication: USB 1.1 port.
• External Controllers (G2/G2X models only): – 1 Control Pedal jack. – 1 Sustain Pedal jack.
• Power Supply: Built in power supply. Connect with enclosed standard AC-cord. DIMENSIONS