KORG Triton Pro X88

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• 120-note polyphony ”” essentially two pools of 60 notes, the first for internal ROM/RAM sounds, the second divided between the internal piano sample and any expansion boards you buy.
• 48MB PCM ROM (including the built-in 16MB stereo acoustic piano), with 429 multisamples and 417 drum samples.
• Seven PCM expansion slots, plus three SIMM slots for a maximum of 96MB sample RAM.
• Built-in hard drive and optional CD-RW to create music and data CDs.
• 1536 Program locations, in user-writable memory (512 preloaded).
• 1536 Combination locations, in user-writable memory (512 preloaded).
• 256 sounds and nine ROM drum kits for GM2 compatibility.
• 144 user drum kits (20 preloaded).
• Five insert effects slots, two master effects slots, and a three-band master EQ.
• 102 different effects types.
• Six outs plus stereo digital 96kHz S/PDIF (which duplicates the main analogue outs) and SCSI.
• Powerful dual polyphonic arpeggiators.
• Real-time Pattern Play/Recording.
• Mono/stereo 16-bit sampling at 48kHz sampling frequency.
• Sample-editing includes time-slice and time-stretch.
• You can sample directly to the internal hard disk to create a mono or stereo WAV file.
• Supports both analogue and digital sampling.
• Supports AIFF, WAV, AKAI (S1000/S3000 samples and mapped multisamples), and Korg-format sample data.
• 16-track sequencer with ‘In-Track Sampling’.
• Korg’s touchscreen interface.
• Performance controls include joystick, ribbon controller and real-time control knobs.